Pelvic Pillow Rest Triangle

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The Pelvic Pillow Rest Triangle is the world’s first anatomical cushion in a triangle shape with a positional memory effect that helps you with your back problems, to sleep on your side and solve the root cause of those problems. It lines up your spine along with your hip and knees, stabilizing your posture while resting. Another factor the rest triangle helps you with is by relieving pressure from head to toe by reducing inflammation on the central nervous system.

It gives your body its natural posture back by contributing to the perfect functioning of your vital organs.

The Pelvic Pillow Rest Triangle is specifically designed for:

– Scoliosis, herniated cervical and dorsal disk.
– Sciatica, low back pain discomfort, hip deviation or hip problems.
– Post surgical in hip, knees and back surgeries to release pressure and soothe pain.
– Arthrosis and arthritis.
– Neck straightening and cervical problems.
– Migraines, myalgia and headaches.
– Fibromyalgia.
– Pregnant women.
– Athletes and sports people, whether professional or amateur.


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