Desktop Computer Intel Xeon E5

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Intel Assembled Desktop Computer Intel Xeon E5-2650 8-Core/RX560/GTX960 4G/16G RAM 240G SSD Cheap Gaming High Performance DIY PC

Details of The Configuration

1.Bleeding-edge gaming performance: With powerful latest generation hardware and easy customizability, you can get all the power that you need for running the most demanding games like Fortnite, PUBG, World of Warcraft. 2.Superfast processing power: Crush even the most CPU intensive tasks with the raw processing power of 8-core 16-thread Intel Xeon E5-2650, LGA 2011 SLOT. 3.Realistic graphics: Enjoy life-like, smooth graphical rendering with the ever-reliable Turing core GTX 960 4G dedicated video memory,and you have more choices with RX560 4G if you like it. 4.Best-in-class storage: The 240 GB/256GB(Ramdon Delivery) SSDs take up much less space, and can load all your games much faster than traditional hard disk drives. Enjoy immersive gaming and quick file transfer without the hassle of slower loading times.If u need more space,please contact with the cusomer service to add an extra HDD by extra cost.We’d like to fulfill all your needs~ 5.Free shining cooler fans: Also, there is a sense of style to this Intel Desktop Gaming PC with shining cooler fans and customizable RGB LEDs.


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